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dmscranton in dms_icons

[1] David Tennant Wallpaper

Wow it feels like a lifetime since I've been around these parts!

Feel Free to watch this community.

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Credit: dms_icons  or dmscranton 



I really love the wallpaper, and am looking to snagging the 1680x1050, but when I click on it, it's 1024x758 instead.
Unfortunately, that's a resizing thing of photobuckets doing. Hopefully dmscranton can upload somewhere like tinypic, because I'm just as keen for a download myself.
It's fixed now. I uploaded it to 4shared.com last night but when I tried to copy the link, I must have forgotten to actually copy it. My bad!
Saved both sizes and about to put the wall on my desktop. Been hoping for a new and lovely wall, and this fits the bill. Plus, it's one of my fave David photos. :)